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What is the Home Builders Association?

Since 1975, Union County Home Builders Association has been a non-profit trade association of leading builders, material suppliers, subcontractors, lending institutions, utilities, and others whose primare interest is the promotion, protection, and improvement of the building industry.  The membership area of responsibility includes Union County.

Its operation is directed by a Board of Directors; all of whom are elected by the membership and serve without salary.

An Executive Officer is employed by the HBA to administer policies determined by the Board of Directors, to keep the membership abreast of industry developments and to work with committees on numerous projects and problems in the field of housing.

The multiple services provided by the Association and obtainable nowhere else, are the benefits from a modest annual membership dues payment.  This makes the Union County HBA just about the least expensive, yet most productive, employee a firm can have.


Members can participate in the North Carolina Home Builders Association Insurance Programs.  Our own mutual company, Builders Mutual, offers workers' compensation insurance at rates approximately 7% lower than most companyies.  Firms who meet certain guidelines can pay their insurance on a monthly reporting form.

Legislative Representation

Some businesses assume that state and federal legal matters are too far removed from them to be of any concern.  Portions of your dues make your voice heard at the state and national levels.

A Director of Governmental Affairs and a Director of Regulatory Affairs are emplyed on the state level to monitor our state government and rules and regulations that effect the housing industry.

The President and legal staff of the National Association of Home Builders also observe the building industry on a nation level.  They track all legislation that affects the building industry, even testifying at Congressional hearing when necessary.

On a local level, the President, Vice President, and Executive Officer try and stay abreast of things that affect the building industry.  We have joined REBIC (Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition) to help with local issues.

Even the strongest individual eventually finds it necessary to join with other like-minded individuals in order to create a louder, more convincing voice.  The Union County HBA and other local associations combing for over 14,000 firms under one banner not to mention over 180,000 members nationally.


HBA members recieve a wealth of reading material which keeps them abreast of the latest industry developments.  These include NAHB's Monthly BUILDER Magazine and Nations's Building News, NCHBA's North Carolina Builder and our own local monthly newsletter which will let you know about curent issues and fellow members.

Our local Membership Director is available online.  Members may request a copy with contact information at any time.

Seminars & Speakers

Timely topics of interest to all members are presented at the monthly membership meetings.

NAHB has the most comprehensive source of Education of building topics anywhere!  The NAHB library, seminar program and audiovisual departments and technical services are as near as your phone and the calls are free.


Annual Conventions from the State and National levels are other opportunities to learn about the latest in products and techniques.  The NAHB annual convention is held in January and the NCHBA convention is usually held in July.

Special Functions

Annual events such as the Christmas Dinner and semi -annual golf Tournaments give members a chance for business contacts.  Legislative Night helps us meet our local candidates.  These events as well as our monthly meetings give you the opportunity to meet the members and get involved.

Parade of Homes

The Union County HBA sponsors a scattered site Parade of Homes usually held in September or October.  This event spotlights our many fine builders and gives them a chance to display their product to the public.  The public gets a chance to see new decorating ideas as well as new construction techniques.

Membership Meetings

There are local membership meetings held throughout the year.  In 1998, we started meeting at noon, with an occasional meeting during the evening hours.  Check the Events tab for scheduled dates and times.

Members are asked to RSVP by calling the office.  There is a meal charge, which is billed to the company, following the meeting.  Guests are welcome.

What do my Dues pay for?

Union County Home Builders Assocation Membership

North Carolinal Home Builders Association Membership

National Association of Home Builders Membership

Monthly Publications

A Voice in the Industry

Insurance Programs

Would you like to know more?

Our staff works to see that the goals adopted by the Board of Directors and the day to day administrative responsiblities are carried out.  Call a staff member with your association needs.

Local Office:  (704) 296-0404

State Office:  1-800-662-7129

National Office:  1-800-368-5242

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